Your contributions are critical.

You support Queens’ families not just survive, but sustain. You provide young people with music, dance, science, and technology. You nurture talent and inspire dreams. You keep seniors in affordable housing. You help bring landlords and tenants to peaceful solutions that stabilize neighborhoods and communities. You help new immigrant populations get their bearings and you support long-term residents take pride in Queens and call it home.

Every dollar helps. Thank you for believing.

There are many ways to give.

1. Mail a check

Woodside on the Move, Inc.
39-42 59th Street, Suite 5
Woodside, NY 11377

2. Donate with Dwolla

Dwolla is a cash based payment network very similar to PayPal, but without the expensive fees. Dwolla allows you to use your mobile device or computer to send and receive cash, and enables you to set up and edit recurring gifts as well as give one-time gifts. Ideally, we would like for all of our donors to use this platform. Visit their website to learn more and sign up. All donations $10.00 and under can be made without incurring any fees. For all donations over $10.00, there is a flat 25-cent fee. Not bad!

Donate with Dwolla!

3. Donate via PayPal

We know that there are still many donors who prefer to use PayPal. We appreciate donations in any form, though if you prefer PayPal, we ask that you consider the covering the ~3% charge that Woodside on the Move, Inc. incurs for every PayPal donation.


4. Give a gift of appreciated securities or property.


When you make a tax-deductible gift of any amount to support our work, you are joining a movement. If you have any questions regarding a gift to WOTM, please contact the Executive Director Amy Paul at 718-476-8449 or e-mail